Learn how the modern  fashion industry works. Often times, the sample is created domestically, but the production happens overseas. The technical designer is the liason. They must know how  industry-ready products are developed. They must know how to check and correct the fit and details, and adjust the pattern to achieve the right look, with the correct measurements and specifications. They must have an understanding of design, pattern making, fabrication and computers in order to communicate what's needed to make a prototype or production, possibly, across the world. 
Esaie Couture has partnered with one of the world's top online learning institutions to teach you the core fundamentals and the essentials to your success in the fashion world.


Product Development

Line and Design
Pattern Making from Block 


Pattern Alteration
Garment Fitting and Adjustment
Adobe Illustrator





Product Development

Collection planning and forecasting

Fabrication and silhouette development

Specifications, pricing and sourcing​


Fabric types and properties

Handling various fabrics

Fabric preservation

Proper care for garments

Line and Design

Learn balanced proportion at scale

Understand design lines and silhouettes

Use optical illusions to draw attention

Pattern Making from Slopers

Tools, supplies, equipment

Flat pattern design techniques

Bodices, necklines, skirts, etc.

​Basic block development of original designs


Pattern Alteration

Measure and evaluate patterns 

Create measurement chart

​Alter flat patterns for fit 

​Finalize pattern corrections

Garment Fitting and Adjustment

Review  3 dimensional garment sample for fit

Pin out alterations on sample 

Take note of adjustments

Transfer corrections to final pattern

Adobe Illustrator

Navigating the workspace

Setting preferences

Drawing basic shapes to more complex artwork

Combining text and graphics

​Using image trace and live drawing, etc.

Upon completion of parts 1 & 2  of the program, students will be able to:

Understand the fundamentals of how garments are created as it relates to the manufacturing process, principles and practices (the factors involved in fashion designing, production of textile materials, and purchasing  from suppliers). Identify the characteristics and properties of common fabrics and the fibers from which they're made, including details on care, cleaning, and how to handle these fabrics. Comprehend the basic principles of pattern making. Know the general procedure, equipment, tools, and supplies for flat pattern designing of bodices, necklines, collars, sleeves, skirts and dresses. Apply pattern making principles to properly fit and adjust patterns. Use Adobe Illustrator to capture technical details, set up a workspace in Adobe Illustrator including working with multiple art boards and preparing artwork, and explore drawing of basic shapes, drawing and painting complex artwork; working with gradient meshes, custom swatches, brushes, symbols, special effects, and type; combining text with graphics; using image trace and live color and drawings in perspective.

Each program includes:

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Your personalized online student homepage and learning portal
Additional resources such as our online library and career guidance from Career Cruising

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